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The Victoria and Albert Halls were gifted to the Ballater community by Alexander Gordon who grew up in Girnoc just outside Ballater.  He worked at Lochnagar Distillery before moving to London where he made his fortune as a brewer.  The Albert Hall opened in 1874 with the Victoria Hall following in 1895. 
The 'baronial' building of the Victoria and Albert Halls with its imposing tower, is an excellent example of the work of William Duguid and Sons, Builders and Contractors. They built many of the fine edifices remaining today, like the Auld Kirk. Darroch Learg is of the same period but has later additions. The tree-lined Braemar Road was the home of the 'better off', most of the houses facing the road. (Several of these houses are now hotels.) Balgonie, formerly called Beauvais, was built in 1898 by James Jamieson, a lawyer. Craigendarroch was the home of the Dundee family of Keiller. The Towers (St. Andrew's Nursing Home) and Craigendarroch House reflect the confidence and prosperity of some residents. Many folk, of course, were not in such comfortable circumstances. A great many houses had little 'sleep-outs' (cottages) at the back to which the family retired to allow summer visitors the use of the main house.

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