Trustees Required


The Victoria and Albert Halls (Ballater) Trust, having focused on refurbishing the Halls complex for the last 10 years, is now entering an exciting and challenging phase of business development. This is aimed at increasing the use of the now well-appointed facilities to generate an income surplus which will be used to continue the development and sustainability of the Halls. The commissioning of the new Ballater Community and Heritage Hub will help support this plan.

To help make this happen the Trust is seeking to add two Trustees to its board. The amount of time Trustees devote to the Trust is entirely up to them but any amount of time no matter how little helps a great deal. The life experience of the current Trustees has been invaluable in getting things done to make the Halls fit for purpose. This has involved inputs to various groups including Improvement, Maintenance, Fund Raising, Events, the Community Action Plan, Ballater Films as well as treasury and governance functions. So if you could help in any way and have some time to spare please call Gordon Riddler on 07711609351 or any of the Trustees (contact details in Ballater Eagle 100).

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